Space Craft Engine

We started working on space technology from the year, January, 1996, And decided to invent with luminal velocity, with less electrical energy, and also compatible energy conservation in space journey trajectory. And also should be with reference free. With this constraints, we got the first impulse in our mission by 2001. And firsr design in 2003 and first engine in 2006 with leaver engine. And first functional engine in 2008 by magnetic repulsion and attraction engine. And mass wave engine testing by 2009. And first angular momentum thruster in 2010. And also finger thruster which is advanced version of lever engine in 2010. And filed patent in 2006 and 2012. Now we are working on tangential engine. Which is advance than all the engines. We plan to commercialize this technology in next coming years.

We can work with any non propulsive electromagnetic with less electrical energy with high outcome self reference force, by high efficiency.

We welcomes to commercialize and works on