Inventions on space craft-Aerospace

            All these thrusters are reference free (self reference). And function on less electrical energy, with high force. So high efficiency, Since it is self reference it can go with any velocity because it is reference for it itself. It can take any velocity and the force is very high compared to commercial engines like ion, plasma thruster. They are reference with other objects in the space.

Lever thrusters

Finger thrusters

Magnetic repulsion and attraction thrusters

Balanced angular momentum thrusters

Mass wave thrusters

Fluid thrusters

Tangential thrusters

Free energy – Electrical

Fuel free motor cum generator

Quantum computer- physics

Design of testing all optical logic gates

Fully optical Logic gates OR gate, NOT gate, AND gate, NAND gate

Fuzzy Controller-Embedded System

Fuzzy controlled AC Motor

Fuzzy controlled DC Motor

Fuzzy controlled PH Controller

Electromagnetic Metrology-mechatronics

Electromagnetic metrology